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Created 16-Apr-12
49 photos

SpaceX/Darksky LaunchNROL-44 LaunchNROL-44 LaunchNROL-44 TrailAtlas V MMCDSCOVER Launch 1DSCOVER Launch 2DSCOVER Launch 3Lunar EclipseBlood MoonSolar EclipseOrion LaunchOrion on the WayAtlas 5 NROL 67NROL 67Discovery STS-119 LiftoffSTS-119 ContrailDawn Shuttle LaunchAtlantis STS-122STS-122 Inflight

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Guestbook for Space and Astronomy
awesome pics!
Hi Mark, It might be possible that I've seen these before. I might actually have been there for the launch. But the moment is captured so powerfully in your shots.....Wonderful! My two favorites are the night launch and the dawn launch mirrored on the water. Did I say "wonderful" already? Would you consider allowing me to try to draw them in my art class? If you give permission, how could I download and print a copy? Cindy
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