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Jennifer P(non-registered)
Mark - what an extraordinary trip and your photos are amazing
Cathy Dunagan(non-registered)
Mark, loved seeing the rest of the trip pictures. They brought back lots of good memories. You’re a super photographer. Keep on traveling!
Kristy B (NP)(non-registered)
Mark, these photos are AMAZING! Keep up the good work.
Jim B.(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful!
Thanks for sharing.
JD Applen(non-registered)
Great black and white of the Petronas Towers, Mark. You caught the cloud pattern perfectly, the way it is sort of parting between the towers, creating a compelling atmosphere.

Nick Dunagan - Martin, TN(non-registered)
Really enjoyed meeting you and Jane on the cruise. Very beautiful photos. Thanks for including me in your notification. Look forward to seeing more.
Vic and Liz(non-registered)
Yet more wonderful photographs, Cuba looks like an enigma - good, bad, beautiful, ugly. loved the old cars. I used to own an Austin A30 (mine was 2 tone in colour, blue and rust!)
Jim W(non-registered)
Great shots, did you get some fresh whale blubber for our picnic fomorrow?? Love the Icebegrs on the horizion and all the Greenland and Iceland shots. Seel you back at the wetlands in the fall!!
Vic and Liz(non-registered)
Beautiful photographs, we enjoyed every one. Looking forward to meeting with you and Jane again.
Mark Sees(non-registered)
As usual! Stunning pictures as always! I always enjoy them!
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