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Created 14-Aug-19
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Flagship of Russian Northern Fleet- Pyotr VelikiySeveromorskRussian "trawlers"SeveromorskSeveromorskThe world's first floating nuclear energy plant.Nuclear Icebreaker Sovetskiy SoyuzRussia's only aircraft carrier - Admiral KuznetsovA large Nuclear Icebreaker - Taymyr"Astro-turf" Sculpture in a ParkWhat is important, is painted."Astro-turf" Military MemorialBehold, Alyosha!Monument to the Heroes of Severomorsk, the Defenders of the ArcticThe Port of MurmanskThrowing away the key - a wedding tradition.Memorial Lighthouse, dedicated to those lost at seaMemorial to the Nuclear Submarine Kursk and Submariners Lost in PeacetimeYet another Maritime Monument overlooking MurmanskAn upscale street in Murmansk

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