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Created 9-Aug-17
68 photos

Arctic StormNuuk, GreenlandNuuk, GreenlandInsignia - Nuuk, GreenlandHans Egede, Nuuk, GreenlandWorlds Oldest TV? Nuuk, GreenlandNuuk, GreenlandMt. Sermitsiaq, Nuuk, GreenlandNuuk, GreenlandNuuk & Mt. SermitsiaqNuuk, GreenlandFoggy Nuuk, GreenlandFoggy Nuuk, GreenlandFoggy Nuuk, GreenlandOld Hospital, Nuuk, GreenlandFog BowDeparting Foggy Nuuk, GreenlandQaqortoq, GreenlandFresh Whale Meat, Qaqortoq, GreenlandFrelserens Kirke, Qaqortoq, Greenland

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Guestbook for Insignia 2017 - Greenland & Iceland
Carl Kriigel(non-registered)
Your photos of Iceland and Greenland are amazing. I have never seen whale meat in an open market. The geyser series is cool. I love the colorful houses at Nuuk, Greenland, and the floating icebergs. I have Iceland on my bucket list for sure.
Well Done!
Mimi Jones(non-registered)
WOW!! What wonderful photos!! Thanks for sharing.
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